Private Technique Sessions - $100 per session

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Could you imagine having a coach in the water with you providing personalized and immediate feedback for every stroke you take?  Well you don't have to imagine!  When you work with EASY SPEED, our coach is in the water with you.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a beginner triathlete, we will tailor the drills and techniques to your skill level.  By personalizing the experience, we make it EASY to move through the water allowing you to find more swimming SPEED.

Each session will run 1 hour and we will work towards a specific goal.  Please keep in mind, these sessions may run a bit longer if the goal is not yet achieved.

Technique sessions can be scheduled at Mercer's Sheffield Pool!  Other pools may be available but are subject to lane availability.

Contact Us for details and availability

Level 2 Certified Coach

Level 2 Certified Coach

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Underwater Video analysis:

During a Private Session we will use video analysis as a visual learning aid.  All videos taken will be uploaded to a private video link for you to reference or share with your friends and coaches.

Let us know when you schedule your lesson that you would like video analysis!