Personalized Training Plans

Having a goal is very different than achieving a goal.  An Easy Speed Coach will work with you to understand your goals and develop a personalized training plan.  Your plan will break down your training needs into an easy to follow step by step process.  With your feedback, the plan can be continuously tweaked in order to tune it to your changing needs.

Our certified coaching staff can get you ready for your next triathlon, swim race, or running race.

Training plans are delivered using Training Peaks online software or mobile app.  The initial plan will consist of the first 2 weeks and updated as each week is completed.

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  • 4 weeks for $25.00 per week
  • 5-12 week for $23.75 per week
  • 13-24 weeks for $22.50 per week
  • 25+ weeks for $21.25 per week

Not sure how much time you need? We're here to help, but below are some general guidelines.

  • 5k or 10k, 4-8 weeks
  • Sprint Tri, 8-12 weeks
  • Olympic Tri or 1/2 Marathon, 12-16 weeks
  • 1/2 Ironman or Marathon, 20-24 weeks
  • Ironman, 24-36 weeks