Angela F

Luke is amazing!!!!  I found him by watching how he was working with another client in the pool.  Everyone swims differently and he has a talent for seeing the problem areas and quickly helping you adjust accordingly.  He impressed me with his ability to break down the process step-by-step so I could understand what I was doing and where I needed to improve. 

In my opinion, Luke is heads above other coaches who stand on deck and watch, waiting until you get to the end of the lane to offer feedback.  He gets in the water with you and immediately corrects what you are doing.  In just two lessons, he increased my speed by 35%.  A third lesson was about fine tuning what I was doing to prepare for a big race.  With his help, I was out of the water three minutes faster than I planned for.  Yay! 

I’ll keep working with Luke to continue improving my swimming skills and highly recommend him to everyone I know.  Can’t say enough good things about him!