Clarence W

I was struggling in learning how to swim 10 months ago. I was 57 years old, panicking in the water, could not breath, and forget about trying to float on my back. Needless to say I was developing every phobia you could get regarding swimming and was completely frustrated. 

One morning I happened to be at an LA Fitness pool, struggling as usual when I noticed a swimmer in the lane next to me.  This lady was the best swimmer I have seen so far. She easily did 40+ laps like it was nothing and moved through the water easily, taking only a few strokes each lap.  When she finished I asked her how long she had been swimming. I was expecting to hear "all my life", "20 years", etc.  She told me that she started to learn how to swim 2 years ago and that she was afraid to put her head under the water when she started. I was shocked!  She said her instructor specialized in teaching adults how to swim and that he was highly recommended by other well-known swimming instructors.  Her instructor was "Luke Weniger".

Needless to say I contacted Mr. Weniger and set up a session with him in late July 2015.  Since that time my swimming efforts have been short of remarkable.

Now in April 2016 my practice sessions now include 60+ laps, I can breath easily on either side, I can float on my back, swim on my back and do freestyle laps easily.  Now people at the pool ask me how long have I been swimming ("all my life", "20 years", etc.) and they are completely shocked and in disbelief when I say 9+ months.  I never thought I would float on my back in 3 lifetimes, but now my practice routine includes at least 20 laps on my back.  

Thanks to Luke Weniger I am becoming a very good swimmer.  Using a football analogy I call him the Bill Belichick, Bill Walsh, and Vince Lombardi of swimming. If he could teach me how to swim, trust me it's a breeze for any one else.